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Floating data Centre Company Nautilus secures $100m loan from Orion Energy Partners

Nautilus will use the sum to fund its aquatic data centre projects Nautilus Data Technologies has secured financing from investment firm Orion Energy Partners to finish ongoing projects such as a 6MW data center at the Port of Stockton, California. Nautilus specializes in building water-borne centers which break upon a moored barge and are cooled […]

IT Infrastructure failing as if the past two decades never happened

Let’s discuss practical methods for reducing the probability of outages in business-critical infrastructure. Getting beyond misconceptions Human error and/or gear failure is frequently cited as the origin of many engineering system outages, but most of the time, those elements do not really cause big disasters by themselves. Management choices and priorities which lead to a […]

Intel Tiger Lake Chips to feature Built in malware protection

CPU-level security capabilities in brand new Intel chips are made to thwart in-memory attacks. Intel’s newest generation of processors features security technology built to interfere with how malicious apps function. As is tradition, mobile devices will be the first recipients of Intel‘s Tiger Lake processors. For two decades today, Intel has unveiled desktop, mobile, and […]